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Of 85,000 chemicals in existence today, only about 200 have been tested for their impact on human health.

*According to CoastalCare.org



  • The average household spends $600 – $800 a year on cleaning products and supplies.
  • The average household spends $200 on paper towels.
  • 3,000 Tons of paper towel waste are created every single day.  This accounts for 51,000 trees and 60 million gallons of water per day to replace daily usage.


Summer tip:

  • Use the Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth to remove any dirt, waxes, or debris on the surface.
  • Watermelon and cantaloupe should always be washed before cutting them.  If not, the knife blade may bring germs and bacteria from the surface down into the fruit.
    • First use the Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth to scrub down wipe down the Watermelon down with an EnviroCloth.