Chenille Hand Towel


  • Dries hands without spreading bacteria that can be caught in traditional hand towels.
  • Has Baclock technology which will help purify the chenille hand towel to inhibit odors
  • Can be hung on towel bars, oven handles, hooks or even strollers


  • Traditional hand towels that can spread bacteria that is caught in the fibers of traditional hand towels.
  • Paper towels and reduces paper towel cost and waste.

Use on:

  • Hands to dry

How to Hang:

  1. Place towel with tag facing the back of the wall or area you are hanging
  2. Make sure the pointed end of the flap (V) is has the loop underneath it.
  3. Bring the bottom of the towel under the towel bar or ring and push it through the loop
  4. Pull the towel through the loop until the desired length is achieved.

a video of how to hang the Chenille Hand Towel:



  • Wash in warm water with Ultra Power Plus Laundry detergent or 100% biodegradable detergent with NO fillers, dyes or perfumes.  Dry on med to high heat.
  • Wash with NON-lint items like sheets or fitness gear.
  • Wash with like colors.
  • No bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets