Cleaning Paste

  • Use with Damp EnviroCloth, SpiriSponge, Scrubby Corner Cloth. Dip cloth or sponge into the paste-you only need a little bit.
  • For harder stains, let sit for longer (make a paste with a little water and let sit)
  • Wipe any residue left on surface
  • Ajax, Comet, Magic Eraser, Soft Scrub, other abrasives
Use on:
  • Stove tops, inside ovens, outsides of campers, outdoor furniture, shower doors, polish chrome or chrome faucets, clean soles of shoes to make white again, clean tile and grout, polish silver, clean white walls of tires, remove scuff marks off walls, remove soap scum from showers and tubs, clean lawn furniture, clean clouded headlights on vehicles, clean white folding tables, remove sticky residue, polish porcelain sinks, removes permanent marker, degrease microwaves and more!
  • Always try on an inconspicuous place if it is your first time using on a new surface. Not recommended for brushed stainless steel, pewter, natural stone, aluminum or wood. Remember, it is an abrasive. If using on painted surfaces, rub gently as it can remove paint if rubbed too hard. Always store with lid on tight. This product lasts, on average, 2 years with normal use.
  • Window Cloth
  • SpiriSponge
  • Scrubby Corner Cloth
Example Uses With Cleaning Paste