Dusting Mitt

  • Use dry for normal dusting
  • For best results, fold in half and rub against itself to create a static charge
  • Use misted with water for tougher dusting jobs like air vents, blinds, window screens
  • Furniture polish, disposable dusters
Use on:
  • Furniture, mini-blinds, fans, lamps, banisters, chandeliers, plants, cabinets, vents, fireplace screens
  • Remove dust by shaking out/beating out mitt outside OR use the Norwex Rubber Brush
  • Wash heavily soiled mitt in hot water with Norwex Ultra Power Plus or biodegradable detergent
  • No bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets
  • Dry in dryer on medium high or high heat, or hang by tag to dry

Remember to Charge it!

Example uses with the dusting mitt