• Makes cleaning those hard to reach areas quick and simple
  • EnviroWand sleeve slides on and off for easy laundering (when necessary)
  • Nubby side will act like “fingers” to grab dust bunnies and built up dust
  • Bend the EnviroWand to reach places like tops of cabinets, picture frames and ceiling fans.
  • Can be attached to the Telescopic Mop Handle to reach corners to remove cobwebs or dust, can reach high shelves or window ledges (squeeze two buttons on EnviroWand to remove handle, then squeeze two buttons on Telescopic Mop Handle and slide on the EnviroWand).
  • Can be spritzed with water for tough grimy dust like on vents or blinds.
  • Furniture polish and chemical cleaners for dusting, single use dusting pads
Use on:
  • Hard to reach areas like behind and beside the refrigerator, dryer bookcases, etc. Can be used to clean vents, light fixtures, tops of curtains (without having to take them down), tops of bookcases, pictures, cabinets, corners of ceilings and along walls.  All those hard to reach areas that attract dust!
  • Straighten EnviroWand and remove sleeve and wash in warm or hot water with Ultra Power Plus Laundry detergent or 100% biodegradable detergent with NO fillers, dyes or perfumes.  Dry on med to high heat.
  • Wash with NON-lint items like sheets or fitness gear.
  • No bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets
example uses with the EnviroCloth: