• Non-abrasive sponge is safe to wash dishes, non-stick surfaces, ovens, glass-top stoves, bathrooms, sinks, faucets, etc.
  • Use wet, squeeze excess water out before using
  • Can be used to scrub off sticky substances or where you need extra scrubbing power
  • Used with Norwex Descaler or Cleaning Paste to remove stubborn rust or lime stains
  • Not recommended for brushed stainless steel
  • Abrasive or scouring pads, abrasive cleaners
Use on:
  • Non-stick surfaces, counters, bathtubs, sinks, ovens, glass top stoves, dishes, pots, faucets bathtubs, etc.
  • Rinse sponge thoroughly after use and squeeze to remove excess water.  Air dry.
  • Can be washed with Norwex Dishwashing Liquid.
  • Can be placed on top shelf of dishwasher and run through a normal wash cycle with your dishes.
  • SpiriSponge will flatten over time, but still is powerful and useful. Can last 3-4 months depending on use.
example uses with the SpiriSponge