Superior Mop System

  • Attach the mop base to the telescopic mop handle.
  • Adjust the mop handle by twisting left to loosen and then slide up or down for height (chin level is recommended).
  • Once you have the right height simply twist right to tighten.  Do not overtighten…just a snug fit.
  • The dry mop pad is great for dusting the floor, where the blue wet mop pad is great for mopping the floor and mopping up sticky spills and making it shine.
  • To clean walls and corners of walls, extend the handle to its highest point and lock the base into place.  Use the dry mop pad for this.
Dry Mop:

To use the dry (yellow) mop pad-use this for dry dusting on the floor (to pick up pet hair, dust bunnies, dirt, grass, etc).  Fold the yellow pad in half and rub against itself to cause an electric static charge and attach to the mop base (Velcro will attach)

Mop around the edges of the floor first and using a figure 8 motion, keeping the leading edge in front collecting all the hair, dirt and debris from the floor.

Brush the collected dust and hair out of the mop using the Rubber Brush directly into the garbage can.

Use the yellow mop pad DRY
(think yellow for sun = use dry)

Wet Mop:

To use the wet (blue) mop pad simply run the pad under water and ring out.  Attach to the mop base.

Mop around the edges from the furthest point toward the door, keeping the leading edge of the mop forward at all times. Use a Norwex Spray Bottle to add water, if necessary.

For tough spots on your floors you can place your foot on the mop base for a little extra scrubbing pressure.

To clean the mop pad, use the Rubber Brush to brush off all the debris into the trash can.

Use the blue mop pad WET
(think blue for water = use wet)

Remember: The blue wet mop pad has BacLock and will remove 99% of bacteria on the surface.

Tip: Offset the mop base to the right of the mop pads and then flip the left side up along baseboards and you can clean the floor and the baseboards at the same time!

Note: When you first wet mop, you may see some streaking or dull finish.  Don’t panic, the microfiber is pulling off the build-up of floor cleaners you may have used.  After several moppings, you should begin to feel the mop glide easier over the surface.


  • Disposable dusting pads, floor cleaner
  • Use on:  variety of flooring, windows and walls


  • Wash mop pads in Norwex Ultra Power Plus or 100% biodegradable detergent with NO fillers, dyes or perfumes
  • No bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets
  • Wash and dry with NON-lint items such as sheets (it is not recommended to dry with other microfiber cloths because the Velcro can catch and snag)
  • Dry in dryer on medium high or high heat, or hang by tag to dry
  • Use ONLY water when using the blue mop pad (has BacLock-silver)


  • Mop Brackets (can attach to mop base and hold window cloth or EnviroCloth in place to clean windows or walls)
  • Spray Bottle
  • Tile Mop Pad