Window Cloth

Directions: (Use DRY)
  • Use immediately after cleaning with damp EnviroCloth to polish and shine
  • Use after spraying surface with water
  • Hang to dry by tag when finished cleaning
  • Window cleaner and paper towels, polishing cloths
Use on any washable surface:
  • Window, mirrors, glass top tables, stainless faucets & fixtures, stainless steel appliances, granite to POLISH
  • Wash when streaking occurs (this means it is dirty) in hot water with Norwex Ultra Power Plus or 100% biodegradable laundry detergent with NO fillers, dyes or perfumes
  • Wash only with NON-lint items such as sheets and fitness wear
  • No bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets
  • Dry in dryer on medium high or high heat or hang to dry
  • Not recommended for anti-glare or tinted windows (especially after-factory installation)

Remember, Purple means POLISH!

example uses with the Window Cloth